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    "Secure & Decentralize Your Future"

    Podcast Series

    ConscienceLAND's McMaster Institute and the Blockchain For Good Alliance support and contribute to the development of Coaches, Ambassadors, Planetpreneurs and Planetspeakers on SDGx.LIVE , collaborating toward a more Sustainable World Order



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    Watch SustainaClaus as Peacemaker on Change Wednesday

    3 WEB3 Teams... "Defi", "Real World" and "Chains".


    Additional Coverage: https://finbold.com/bybit-and-blockchain-for-good-alliance-host-the-web3-wagmi-race-livestream/


    In Spanish:



    MORE INFO on ConscienceLAND's Extinction Solution!

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    I am a global advocate for building civilizational good

    Regarded as “The conscience of decentralization”, my life's work is to balance Society, Environment and Economy.
    I have lived and traveled in many countries and spent the last few years in Canada, Switzerland, the UK, Germany, Tunisia, Egypt, Dubai and Hong Kong.
    My experience spans expeditions and adventure sports, social movements, I was an early adopter of “desktop” publishing, internet innovation & experimentation, a digital photographer, model and movie actor, VP communications for international spaceport launch facilities, teaching MBA’s to be Planetpreneurs (not sociopaths) and since 2013, I have been an advocate of using decentralization and AI to
    Heal Ourselves,
    Heal our Communities,
    Heal the EARTH.


    I am committed to solving the Decentralized Global Goals (SDGx) and privileged to have explored extensive regions of the Western world, Africa, Middle East Asia and the Global South.
    I have been on ConscienceLAND’s World Sustainability Tour, to imagine, articulate and share a decentralized world, receptive to the accountability of an authentic, trustless
    Sustainable World Order.


    Originally from the mountains of Quebec, Canada, I love to rollerblade through communities I visit, sharing the “Peace Plus One” 3 finger Sustainability Symbol as a token of friendship.

    Popular Impressions...

    “Philip embodies and communicates that Vital, Life-force Energy we're all seeking.”


    - Anita -

    Researchers & Journalists agree...


    “Philip has to be one of the most energetic and engaged people I have come across - ever.” .”


    - Bill Hinchberger

    Journalist and Educator -

    On Planetpreneurship...

    “I feel like Philip helped mend my perspective on life that entrepreneurship is not the end all be all. There are more important things at stake, à la human survival, and actually living a life by leaving some light in other people's lives. I always go back to Dwayne Johnson's quote: "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice."


    Omar El-Habbak - PhD Student in Computational Pharmaceutical Product Design, University of Strathclyde | West Asia Regional Caucus Coordinator, United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth | Youth Diplomat for the State of Egypt

    On Content Marketing..


    “I met Philip through my work as an editor and have been a fan of his ever since. This man has a mission and I personally witnessed how his enthusiasm infected all of those around him. An unstoppable force who can bring about great change, I've followed him every since to see what he will do next!”

    - Jennifer Thome Content Marketing and Communications

    Sustainability Educators

    “A fantastic lecturer, thinker plus - most of all - activist into and on the sustainability movement ; A real developmental leader. All of his programs seem highly decent indeed and I wish him all the best with all of his efforts. His plans and initiatives are those which I am sure will surely get heaps of influential support, progress and traction, at every juncture moving swiftly in the right direction.”

    - James Davies Teacher / Educator. 

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    As the old world abandons us, we Start Building ConscienceLAND online and offline, with New Friends to enjoy a LOHHAS* Lifestyle Of Health Happiness And Sustainability

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    Access to SDGx.LIVE

    McMaster Institute ConscienceCollege

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    GaiaPlots, CyberDomains, de-centralized $monetization$ packages and more!

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    Unlock your ConscienceLAND Ambassador, PlanetSpeaker and Planetpreneur status for the small investment of a Cup of Coffee per day...





    AMBASSADOR Package:


    All the Bronze & Silver Sustainie and Coach benefits PLUS unlock access to:

    McMaster Institute private coaching

    including training as a PlanetSpeaker in ConscienceLAND.


    Including "Inside Circle" Welcome Bonus care package!


  • In Personal Service to YOU & Community


    ConscienceLAND's McMaster Institute:

    The Ultimate, Authentic "Sustainable Development Accelerator"


    (A) Become a Pioneer, Building the 3 Finger Friendship Network


    (B) Accelerate Your Business with Personal Coaching & Consulting  


    (C) Let me help you motivate and inspire the world toward peace and prosperity

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    McMaster Institute

    Planetpreneur Club

    Sustainable Business Coaching & Consultation Club

    $33.33 (USD)

    per month

    from $33 /mo. Personalized ESG /SDG/CSR/ISR advisory for young startups (less than 15 people, or <1M USD turn-over), and

    customized sustainability consultation to boardrooms, senior management staff, workshops and advisory for established companies

    seeking alignment with sustainable market evolution.

    • This is includes a Special Discount Membership to Council Members & Fellows of the McMaster Institute and guests, sponsors & contributors appearing on SDGx.LIVE and in the Gaia Catalog
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    "The Future We Want"

    Keynotes, Ambassadors, Presenters, Guests & Panelists for Podcasts, Conferences, Workshops

    $333. (USD) and up

    per event, depending on speaker

    • Global Speaker, UN, TEDx, TOP Universities, Decentralized Industries.
    • Supporter and promoter of Sustainability-Related Podcasters, Book Authors, Visionaries, Educators and & Intentional Communities
    • Inquire about sponsorship for travel accommodation and speaking Fees.
    • Co-Founding Host SDGx.LIVE


    Join the SDGx.LIVE Podcast Ecosystem NOW to Learn from the Best,


    Be Eligible for Citizenship,

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    Sustainability Coaching,

    Rewards and a Personalized Plan.


    Get instant access to tons of History, Data, FAQ's and resources.


    Be ahead of the curve, crowd & competition!

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